Export of electronic services to Russia. Seminar Report

Experts from Accountor Russia spoke at a seminar which was held at the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce in Helsinki on October 03, 2017. Pavel Antonov, Head of Legal Department, and Evgeny Sumin, Deputy Head of Accounting and Tax Department, shared their expertise on the taxation of electronic services in Russia in different export cases. They also spoke about e-commerce business in Russia and explained the legal aspects of export of electronic services.

The following topics were addressed at this seminar:

  • Cross-border internet sales to Russia
  • Internet store located in Russia and its taxation
  • Export of education and training programs from Finland to Russia
  • Export of software programs from Finland to be used in Russian companies
  • Export of software programs as a remote service so that the program remains in a foreign server but is used in Russia
  • Export of applications (software) via app stores
  • Export of services rendered by a Finnish company in Russia, i.e. by Finnish employees temporarily located in Russia

The seminar presentations can be found below.

Evgeny Sumin: Taxation of E-services in Russia

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Pavel Antonov: Cross-Border Internet Sales to Russia

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